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Sigstr - Smart Marketing through Email Signatures

Raidious Uses the Power of Employee Email to Distribute Content with Sigstr

The average employee sends 10,000 work emails per year, and business email volume is expected to grow at at least three percent a year through 2019. This is an awesome opportunity to distribute your company’s content!

Raidious recently partnered with Sigstr to make the most of all of these email touch points with our prospects, customers, and partners.

Sigstr, which currently offers integrations with both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, enables marketers to manage employee email signatures and marketing campaigns across the entire enterprise, while providing real-time analytics, and all of this can be done without IT or developer involvement.

Here are some of Sigstr’s main features:

  1. Email signature campaigns are automatically pushed out to employees’ email signatures
  2. Employees only have to implement Sigstr settings once and all future signature campaigns update automatically through the marketer admin controls
  3. Signatures are easily segmented by groups or departments and managed in one central location

Below is an example of my Sigstr signature that is distributing our Definitive Guide to Designing Content on Social Media. As the administrator of the Raidious Sigstr account, I can easily change out these banners to link to new pieces of content and marketing initiatives. The amount of traffic I’ve been able to drive to the Raidious website is astounding!

Sigstr signature


If you’d like to find out more about how Raidious uses Sigstr to distribute content, or if you’d like us to set you up to talk to the Sigstr team, email me today.

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