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Raising a Glass to Hyper-Targeted Ads

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We know we’re about a month late on this, but today we raise a glass to Jameson’s St. Patrick’s Day campaign! These guys really poured out a double-shot of advertising awesome by:

  1. Creating “3D” video ads that ran on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Serving them with surgical precision to both St. Paddy’s Day goers and bartenders who kept the fun flowing.

Keep your eyes pouring down the page to see the campaign, how Jameson used Facebook’s extensive ad targeting features and ideas on how you can start implementing them into your own social marketing efforts. Before you read on, pour yourself a glass of Jameson and kick your feet up — unless you’re reading this at 9 am at work, in which case apple juice will suffice.


This year, for St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson leveraged the autoplay feature in Facebook and Instagram along with Facebook’s advanced targeting features to serve up a hit campaign.

For St. Paddy’s Day goers, Jameson served up neighborhood bar suggestions with #ShotsEyeView images, utilizing Facebook’s geofencing targeting capabilities (currently in beta.) The campaign also encouraged users to snap and share their #ShotsEyeView during the night’s celebrations.

To the diligent bartenders who poured out good times, Jameson sent the ultimate thank-you in the form of precisely targeted “3D” videos. I say “3D” because the videos, known as split-depth gifs, aren’t actually 3D. The white borders between the image slices creates the illusion of depth. Jameson’s utilization of Facebook’s Custom Audiences targeting was the crux of the campaign’s brilliance. Here’s how they did it:

  1. The Irish whiskey company took a list of bartenders that attended the brand’s various bartender events.
  2. They uploaded that list to Facebook, creating a Custom Audience which, matched the list’s contents to Facebook users.
  3. When a bartender logged-into Facebook, one of Jameson’s 3D thank-you videos was inserted into their News Feed. Dear Jimmy Fallon, please make thank-you notes like these!

Slide this shot of Jameson to your drinking buddy #LongLiveTheShot

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Why is hyper-targeting so awesome?

Hyper-targeting efforts like those Jameson used are useful for the following reasons:

          1. Custom Audiences are built around your existing customers. It’s easier and less expensive to sell to your existing customers than it is to find new ones.
          2. You can distribute personalized messages and content to the people who are really interested. Doing so increases CTR and fosters a deeper brand-consumer connection.

I’m intrigued. How can I use these ideas to enhance my brand’s social efforts?

Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate hyper-targeted ads like these into your social efforts:

New Product Launch

Let’s say you’re launching a new product. As part of that launch, you want to generate pre-order leads and hype. You could drive traffic to a micro-site or landing page, capture emails, upload that email list into Facebook’s Custom Audiences and serve exclusive content along with product updates to those interested users.


Have a big event coming up? You could use both Custom Audiences and geofencing targeting capabilities to create a unique and engaging experience. For customers who can’t attend but still want to be a part of it, you could serve exclusive video content directly from the event. For attendees, you could utilize geofencing to serve engaging, added-value content at the event and/or at various locations near the event.

Exclusive Content

Everyone loves exclusivity. In a world where everyone has access to the same information and content, exclusive content is a hot commodity. You can reward the loyalty and love of your audience by giving them nuggets of content that the “average Joe” can’t get. Wanna make stellar, engagement capturing content like this? Of course, you do! Our heads are bursting with ideas so, drop us a line.  

Take your St. Patrick’s Day preparation seriously. Share with those you’ll be celebrating with. #LongLivetheShot

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This shot’s for the bartenders for making our St. Patrick’s Day unforgettable. #LongLiveTheShot #ShotsEyeView

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