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Wow. This post.

If you don’t want to read it, let me summarize for you: Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet won a Cannes Lion advertising award, and one ad man, Andrew Teman (who had previously threatened to quit advertising should Oreo win) did some soul searching …

Because in bestowing this award on this piece of work, we’re actually exposing a really sad truth. That the advertising industry has become so top-heavy with cost and process and approvals and meetings and waste, that the idea of just making a simple image, and deploying it to a simple platform at an opportune moment, is considered at this point to be ground-breaking.

The idea of approval processes and risk taking being the biggest obstacles to effective real-time content marketing was a post I was working on not too long ago. I was working on it until our CEO Taulbee got to it first (and more effectively) in his 10 Reasons Your Brand Newsroom Will Fail epicness.

The point I was going to make, however, is that brands that invest in real-time content marketing, but don’t have a system or people in place willing to make the decision, are ultimately wasting their efforts (and money). Oreo’s efforts worked only because it had the necessary people in the room and on call. People who, most importantly, had the authority to approve on the spot and the guts to actually pull the trigger.

Brands are seeing the value of real-time, but not always willing to take the leap of faith to make it successful. If you try to do real-time via the traditional approval process … well, I think we both know how that will go.

Oreo’s “dark” tweet winning the award isn’t the end of advertising; no, it’s a signal that the advertising industry is clamoring for a change. It will happen slowly, but it will happen. And those who adapt their processes the quickest will see the best results.