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In part one of this series by Raidious CEO Taulbee Jackson, we learned what the brand newsrooms is, and the first reason your strategy is likely to fail. Real time marketing is more complicated than you realize. Here is pitfall number two in our ten-part series.

#2. You think you can just dive in with tactics.

It’s not just about using the production process real newsrooms employ to produce content in real time. Yes, it’s true: digital marketing does not work without content. Content is the fuel that drives every single online interaction on the internet, regardless of channel. Every digital marketing problem is a content problem, and brands do need to be able to get content produced in real time. But building a brand newsroom is a tactical answer to much deeper strategy, operations, culture and marketing theory problems. “Change the corporate org chart” kinds of problems. If you don’t have an understanding of how your owned media strategy is going to integrate with your paid and earned strategy, do not pass go, do not collect $200 . . .  stop what you’re doing, and handle that. If you think a content audit and that crazy spreadsheet you call an editorial calendar is a real time content strategy, go straight to jail. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you’re not ready yet for real time. If you do have a firm understanding of how owned, earned and paid media are going to work together to produce a business outcome, and you’re appropriately allocating dollars and resources, and you’ve gone through the basics of owned media strategy . . . like risk assessment, developing a business case with measurable KPI’s, creating personae, developing taxonomy, building a subject topography, working through all the governance and distribution issues, creating the appropriate engagement, monitoring and moderation strategy . . . then you can have your newsroom.

We’ll be releasing numbers three through ten as we countdown the launch of the new Raidious website.

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