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In this series by Raidious CEO Taulbee Jackson, we learned what the brand newsrooms is, and the reason your strategy is likely to fail if you don’t have processes in order to live in the real time marketing world. Here is pitfall number five in our ten-part series.

#5. You think you can judge what “good” content is. Sorry, nobody on your team gets to do that anymore. That is now in the job description of your audience. This hugely subjective topic may be one of the most difficult issues to deal with, and most difficult behavior and mindset to change . . . but in a way it is also the easiest, because your audience is telling you, right now, what content is good and bad. In fact, they are screaming it so loudly from the rooftops that entire industries have been spawned to understand what it is that they’re saying.

We are talking of course about analytics. Audience metrics. Social media metrics, email analytics, website metrics . . .  every measurement we look at online is a measurement of content quality – not the effectiveness of the platform. We are not measuring whether or not Facebook works or Email works or Mobile works . . . we know those platforms can technically accomplish the delivery of content.

What we actually are measuring is not the platform, it’s the content – and your audience will tell you loud and clear what “good” content is based on these metrics. In the real world, there is room for subjective interpretation and creativity . . . you can and should experiment freely. Let your gut guide you, by all means. But understand, no matter what you or anyone else on your team thinks, in the world of the newsroom, the ratings always make the final decisions for you on content quality – and digital metrics are your version of the ratings.

You get a report card back every day (or every minute!) on the quality of your work product. That is the reality of judging content quality, and it can be overwhelming and intimidating for people who believe they are making good content to learn that that audience is telling them . . . ahhh, not so much. Which they will. Early and often, sometimes through comments, more likely through silence . . . but always through data.

Staty tuned for the remaining ten as we countdown the launch of the new Raidious website.

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