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Retail Marketers: Omni Channel Includes the Store

We once worried about content channels being too siloed. Email couldn’t coordinate with social, and web content wasn’t connected to video channels. Everything was driving in separate directions and seemingly nobody could connect the dots to get good omnichannel marketing done.

Thankfully, those days are mostly over now as smart marketers realised the potential that their channels had when they all pulled in the same direction, but are we facing the next phase of siloed channels when we don’t consider aligning online marketing and physical store locations?

Upwards of 75% of consumers will do research before dropping by your store. Today, your audience is looking at your content online before making a purchase in your store. This is as close to a certainty as we’re allowed in the online world. Be it content to encourage your audience to shop with you, a reminder of a featured product or promotional content around price or availability your content drives your audience to shop.

As marketers, we can’t simply drop those content messages into the air and hope they take hold without being reinforced in the store. It would be lunacy to advertise a sale with your email marketing and then have no in store signage about that sale, so why isn’t that attitude taken consistently in regards to all content your brand publishes?

Making sure that your store is aligned with the content messaging that your audience is seeing is the best way to make sure that your audience is getting the best experience both online and in your store locations. It’s also the best way to make sure that the action you want your audience to take is being hammered home. Leaving one side of the equation blank–either your content marketing or the in store experience–is a way to make sure that your audience isn’t getting the most out of their experience, and that’s the best way to make sure they spend their time and dollars elsewhere.

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