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So, if you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably know we recently sponsored the first Corporate Rockoff, a charity event for Second Story. With the help of a couple of our staff members and a couple of outstanding local musicians (thanks Matt, Jessica, Shawn, Dave, Dave’s Dad), we were able to pull together the first ever Raidious corporate band (The Raidiators) and rock out for a good cause – it was a blast!

We’re proud to say the event raised almost $6,000 its first year, which we think is stellar.

We also got to hang out with other “corporate bands” from Indianapolis Monthly magazine, the locally based and completely awesome ad agency Bradley and Montgomery, the guys from RippleFX, an excellent recording studio here in Indy, Nogginwerks, a brand consulting firm, and Big Car Gallery, a hip local art gallery.

Raidious provided the website, as well as the “ChipIn” widget, which raided $500 all by itself online (whoo-hoo!). We also provided the official Raidious Corporate Drumset for the event.

All the bands were awesome. So was the host, Tufty from Radio Radio, and Mr. Ken Honeywell, from Well Done Marketing, the MC for the evening and the man behind the event. I have known Ken for several years – starting with the very first Tonic Ball, another event he masterminded. The city is very lucky to have Ken call this place home. He has helped countless numbers of people and is constantly doing good things for the city. Hats off to all the Second Story volunteers as well – what a great cause! We were really happy to be involved.

Here’s some photos and some video for those that couldn’t make it . . .

So you’re probably wondering who won? The kids, man. The kids won.  : )

But, the Raidiators did get to take home the incredible first place trophy, a golden, bejeweled stapler. Our very first corporate award.

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered, played, came out to the show, or helped in some other way. Second Story is a great charity we plan to support on an ongoing basis, and we hope you do, too.

Also thanks to Apple Computer for making the iPhone 3Gs, which we used to produce this entire post, including all video, photos, real time twitter updates, and even the set list for the band.


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