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Saw a great article today on SEO content development. We integrate an SEO strategy into all of our content production engagements. SEO content development is critical in winning search, as shown in the chart below, from SEO Moz’s Rand Fishkin – pretty much “the” guy in search optimization.

Here’s a link to the full post on SEO content development, versus other tactics.
See that gray line at the top – the really important one? That’s what we do – SEO content development…  not just for blogs and websites, but also for for your social network marketing efforts, web video (why, yes, you can optimize web video for search), and mobile devices.

We also deal with Social Network Marketing – clearly an important influence in SEO content development and generating rankings. Our partners at Slingshot SEO help us with keyword targeting and keyword research, and we usually leave Information Architecture to the experts.

We’re a content company – we understand all of this stuff, and how it impacts search, and we dial it into our planning for our clients. But, our focus is on the kind of SEO content development that will make all of the other SEO tactics you use work even better. Just like every other digital marketing platform – SEO doesn’t work without content.

Our philosophy regarding SEO content development is that it all works best when it is working together. This blog is an example of SEO content development. . .  but what really drives traffic and brings this content to life is how it is cross promoted…  this post may show up in email, on twitter, on a facebook page, or on our website.

SEO content development is just one facet of what we do here. Winning search is just one piece of the puzzle. Once that user has found you – how do you engage them? How do you convert them – either to a purchase, a perspective, or some other marketing objective?

All of this is part of our digital content strategy and planning process. SEO content development is a part of it, but there’s a lot more to consider once you’ve won search.

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