Shiny, New Features to Enhance Your LinkedIn Experience

In Social Media Marketing by Sean Ireton

With over 500 million users spanning 200 countries, LinkedIn continues to be the number one resource for professionals who are job searching or connecting with others in their industry. The company recently rolled out four new sharing features, because sharing is caring.

Add multiple photos to your posts

Say you just had a company event or want to show off your booth at a recent conference. One photo simply will not be enough. With this new LinkedIn feature, you will be able to easily upload multiple images on one post via the iOS app (Android and desktop coming soon).



Share a draft of your article before it goes live

After spending time writing an article to publish on LinkedIn, you want to make sure it is well-polished and makes sense. LinkedIn created a new feature to pass your draft onto friends or co-workers through the platform before it gets published. This update gives you a chance to receive feedback and in turn develop a great piece of content seen by your connections. Click on “Share Draft” in the article edit menu to get the link, and to easily share your work in progress.



Manage your comments

Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, you likely want to guard your page’s image. That means at times you may not want to be tagged on a certain piece of content, or you may want to restrict comments on a post you share. That power is now in your hands; having the ability to modify these settings can go a long way toward keeping your page professional.

Share your LinkedIn posts everywhere

Before this recent update, you were only able to see posts, videos or articles on LinkedIn if you were a logged-in member. Now you can copy URLs to share on sites like Facebook or Twitter, even with friends who aren’t LinkedIn members or simply aren’t logged in.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the overall visibility (and rankings of posts both in Google search and internally in LinkedIn feeds). Rest assured, we’ll be keeping an eye out.