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Slow Your Roll: Real-Time Doesn’t Always Mean Right Now

We all need to take a deep breath.

Real-Time Marketing has taken over and has created some poor mindsets. The fact is, RTM has been around forever, way before Oreo. Here is what you need to know: Real-Time doesn’t always mean Right Now.

It means planning and preparing for what you already know, and capitalizing on opportunities that make sense for your brand. This is where Brand Newsrooms come in to play.


KFC ShoutsArby's Shouts

KFC hits the nail on the head with this one. Arby’s, not so much. I am not sure what they were thinking, but lucky for them, no one cared. Between this and Bo Dietl, let’s hope they are changing the strategy soon.


Yes, we all want to be the genius behind the Oreo Super Bowl tweet, but honestly, aren’t we all getting tired of this ONE repeated example? Listen, you know the Super Bowl is coming – have content ready in advance and edit on the fly if needed.


Here is your new mantra: “Right Audience, Right Message, Right Time.”

See how this strategy works for Walmart.

I leave you with this: Pick and choose very carefully where you jump in on real-time trends, and utilize your internal or external brand newsroom to guide you.

Need help? Raidious works exclusively in owned media, where the brand controls both the platform and the message. Contact us today.

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