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You are certainly not alone. Everyone seems to be abuzz with this Pinterest thing, and you feel like you need to be there, but why? Is it a fit? The answer is “Yes.”

I hate that the first time I told a friend I’d realized I liked this “Pinterest thing,” the response was: “Of course. You are a woman. Women like scrapbooking.” #Sigh

I think we can all agree that everyone likes pictures that capture them and create an emotion. Every pin says one of the following things:

  1. I like this because it makes me smile (funny or cute)
  2. I like this because it defines me (nostalgia or persona)
  3. I like this because I want this (or want to try this)
  4. I like this because it moves me (or motivates me)
  5. I like this because it is interesting (or educational)

Now, just because it says one of those things doesn’t always mean it says it well. If you want to play in this space, you must execute every pin with the intention of drawing one of the five reasons listed above out of another pinner. Done successfully, you will create a footprint like no other.

How do I do this successfully, you ask? Haven’t you been listening? People like pictures. We are a visual species. It’s “Show me something good, and if I like that, then you can tell me something good. I’ll listen, and if I like what you have to say, I’m going to say it, too.”

It’s a new twist on an old recipe. So, how do we spice it up?

Basic Pinterest Recipe for Success:

  1. Decide who you are, and break that up into sections (this is how you define your starter boards)
  2. Each board can and should have its own personality (not every board has to draw the same emotion)
  3. Choose a GREAT image that speaks to what you are trying to say
  4. Include your logo where appropriate (don’t let it overpower the image)
  5. Include catchy text to lay over the image, letting the viewer know what it is about (where appropriate)
  6. Your text caption should be descriptive and engaging, but short (think Twitter — ~110 characters plus a link)
  7. Be sure the link landing page is just as engaging as the image that got them there (if you are linking to something)

Happy Pinning, and Stay Tuned For More About Pinterest.

What do you think about Pinterest for Business? Please be sure to share in the comments below.

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  1. Well done my friend! The only thing I would add is for people to realize that a board is intended to hold more than one Pin. Having 6,000 boards with only 1 Pin in each is an enormous no-no!

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