Social Ads Guide for Facebook

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The days of using Facebook as a free network to distribute branded content have come and gone. As Facebook continues to slash brands’ organic reach, more marketers turn to the social network’s native ad platform. But between ad types, placements, targets and bids getting started can be a daunting task.

Social Ads Guide for Facebook

In this Social Ads Guide for Facebook, we help you take that first step. Learn which ad type will help you obtain your goals and what creatives you’ll need to create the ad.

Before choosing your ad type, it’s important to understand where your ads land on Facebook. There are three different ad placements:

  • desktop news feed
  • right column and
  • mobile news feed

While the image size and text length varies between each of these placements, you can choose to place your ad in one, two or all three locations. Just be sure to use the general guidelines listed below to optimize each ad placement.

It should be noted that as of December 2014, Facebook has 745 million mobile daily active users on average. If you’re not already considering the mobile news feed placement, I encourage you to do so.

Page Post Engagement

Is your objective to generate more engagement on your Facebook posts? The ad platform’s Page Post Engagement ads increase clicks, likes, comments and shares by extending your posts’ reach to a larger percentage of your current audience, as well as new, targeted audiences.

Follow the content guidelines below to create your ad:
Page Post Engagement - PhotoFBAds-Blog_PPE-V
Page Post Engagement - Text

Clicks to Website

Promoting a product, event, blog or news release? If your objective is to move users from Facebook to your website, try using a Clicks to Website ad with one or multiple links.

 Follow the content guidelines below to create your ad:
Clicks to Website  - Links
Clicks to Website  - Multiple Products

Video Views

Have you invested time and money in high-quality video content? Don’t let it go unseen. Generate more views from your current and new, targeted audiences with Facebook’s Video Views ads.

Follow the content guidelines below to create your ad:
Video Views

Page Likes

Ready to grow your Facebook audience? By utilizing specific targeting parameters, Facebook’s Page Likes ads can help you reach users that indicate interest in your brand, search for the type of products or services you offer, or qualify for your target market. Developing relationships with the right people gives you the ability to grow your audience while maintaining your engagement rate.

 Follow the content guidelines below to create your ad:
Facebook Ads - Page Likes

To learn how to navigate Facebook’s native advertising solutions, let Raidious help you with your paid distribution strategy, including Facebook ads. Contact Raidious today!.

Facebook Social Ad Guide