Social Advertising – The opportunities (and pitfalls) are endless

In Content Distribution, Paid Media by Ruby Kohler

2016 is the year for content distribution, namely social advertising. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these changes the networks have made in 2015 getting ready for this year.

Networks are constantly introducing new features. Sometimes it can be daunting, but all of the targeting capabilities available to digital marketers present a wealth of opportunity in how we can reach our audiences.

Here are just a few guidelines to remember as you set up your targeting.

Start narrow, and expand your targeting scope as needed

Demographic targeting (by itself) can precisely narrow your audience size down to dozens of individuals. Layering interest and behavioral targeting can make your potential audience even smaller. At that small of an audience, the likelihood of anyone seeing your content, much less taking action, is altogether small.

Just remember, you set up your specific targeting for a reason, but don’t be afraid to slowly open the gates to similar audience types when your initial audience targets don’t present a big enough pool.

Isolate your tests and compare apples to apples

Once your campaigns are running, your inclination will be to check performance and make performance alterations. Just make sure that the changes that you’re making are based on valid comparisons. For example, comparing click-through-rates across networks, or different content forms (video versus plain text for example), are not fair comparisons. In your search for meaningful performance statistics, make sure that you’re giving yourself meaningful comparisons.

Don’t be afraid to turn off non-performers

For whatever reason, some of your ads will not ignite the fire you want it to. By comparison, other networks, targeting groups, and messages will be lighting the world on fire. When you have a meaningful test group and some statistical significance in your comparisons, don’t be afraid to pause ad groups and reallocate campaign dollars to other key messages, ads, and social networks that are performing more admirably.

“Set it and forget it” is your enemy

If more than a week goes by where you aren’t making meaningful changes to your spend, you are likely missing one or several opportunities to make your spend go farther. It might be easy to set up a campaign and watch it run, but it will be much more satisfying knowing that your continued attention and energy are beating the competitive averages, and that your message is going that much further.

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