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In the world of social media it is all too common that people forget the importance of minding their manners. By cutting out the face-to-face interaction it’s incredibly easy to respond less earnestly to people or further- to just ignore them all together.  While it is necessary to make thoughtful and timely responses to your customers, you have to consider the size of your online following.  Your online social circle may extend to thousands or even millions of people.  While it is ideal to cater to each and every request, you need to find an efficient way to prioritize your responses so that they can remain thorough and engaging.

There is no doubt that ignoring customers is a recipe for disaster in terms of brand management for you and your company.  To provide proper customer service in a busy digital media landscape it is key to ensure people know you’re responding to their concerns.  It is crucial to respond to any and all questions, even if the answer is as simple as “Let us research your problem and get back to you.”

Each and every customer matters to your brand’s well being.  If a customer is loyal enough to engage with your social media platforms, he or she is doing you a favor by providing feedback that will help your business grow in a positive direction.  Quickly respond to customer requests so that they continue to provide you with direction.  Remember: if a customer came into your office with a question or complaint you wouldn’t just ignore them!

Obviously, there is a scalability issue here, along with influence analysis. While every legitimate question, or issue deserves a response it may not be possible to answer them quickly. Start by analyzing influence. If the customer in question has all of 12 Twitter followers, then they are obviously going to drop on the priority to list to someone with 1 million followers.

The initial response is what most consumers are looking for, so give them what they want and solve their problems when possible.

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