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By now most everyone has heard about the Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and NBC “Tonight Show” debacle. It is a messy situation at best and has caused a serious point of contention for the networks late night giants, O’Brien vs. Leno. The late night hosts have, to this point, kept each other out of the conversation and kept their attention focused on the network for causing this ruckus. It is their supporters that are voicing their talk show host preference on the social networks.

I'm With CocoLeno’s supporters have been posting their support and leaving it at that.

Conan supporters, on the other hand, have gone online with vengeance. Within hours people werer posting their support on Twitter, a Facebook fan page “I’m With Coco” and two websites “I’m With Coco” and Save the Conans sprung up with enormous support. Currently, “I’m With Coco” fan page has garnered 358,689 supporters (and growing). That page has also been the epicenter of fan discussions, report postings and rally organizing. Even O’Brien himself has taken to the online space by posting “The Tonight Show” for sale on Craigslist.

NBC is in a very precarious position on how they handle the off-camera late night drama. If Conan does transfer to another station they have the potential to lose all those fans on Facebook. This is a different time from when the same network was deciding between David Letterman or Jay Leno as the “The Tonight Show” host back in 1992. Things will remain on the Internet for many years to come, and even though this will eventually die down and the public outcry will subside, you will still have 300,000+ people proudly supporting Coco long after this is over.

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