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Embedded Brand News Team

Embedded Brand News Team

Business and brands large and small are discovering the wonders of becoming social. Social efforts can be implemented on a small or large scale, either all at once or phased in over time. Either way, there are innumerable blog posts, books and articles describing the “[Insert Number Here] Most Important” or “[Insert Number Here] Key Things” and what-have-you.

Every social media and marketing guru has an opinion and a chosen number of things you need to do to be successful. I’m going to do them all one better and recommend one single thing to keep in mind when taking your business social, and it’s one of the core foundational elements of our business at Raidious:

Cover your brand like an embedded news team.

When we looked for ways to explain to people exactly what it is we do, we came up with the idea of the embedded brand news team. The metaphor goes like this:

What if CNN covered your company?

CNN is deservedly recognized for being a world leader in delivering in-depth news coverage. They span broadcast and the internet, reporting news across multiple channels–on TV, on their website, via RSS, web video, smartphone apps–and manage to successfully integrate all this coverage while maintaining consistent brand identity.

They accomplish this by assigning departments of writers, editors and producers to respective content areas or beats. Each department is responsible for a particular beat, and these areas are covered with respect to every media channel in the CNN empire.

Breaking news or crises are built into the news reporting model. Resources are reallocated or new resources are assigned to cover breaking news, all the while maintaining production of the day-to-day, prescheduled content.

Now imagine being able to hire such a team that would be dedicated to covering all aspects of your brand. That team would establish strategy, a content plan, and crisis communications with all outgoing and incoming communications monitored 24 hours a day–just like CNN.

That is the essence of what we do here at Raidious. Sure, you could hire one full time employee and tell them to “do social media.” Or for about that same cost, you can get a team of embedded reporters and producers who are well-versed in all the appropriate digital media channels, and whose job is to know everything there is to know about your company and report it.

What do you think? Does our metaphor hold water? Sound like it might be effective for your business? Let us know.

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