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Sometimes Our Best Work Isn’t Award-Winning… And Sometimes It Is.

Our recent Addy® Awards got us thinking about all the great work we do every day that DOESN’T win awards… and there’s a lot of it! Even though all our work isn’t award-winning by someone else’s standards, it’s still amazing work that our clients love and our team spent countless hours on. Speaking of our team, we have one of the most talented and hard working teams out there. We thought it would be good to ask them what their “Best” work was over this past year.


Sara Ling –  Graphic Designer / Community, Media Manager
Client: Big Red Liquors
Project: Instagram Launch

Big Red Liquors launched its Instagram channel in November 2015. To coordinate with an upcoming Black Friday release party and populate the platform quickly, we created a giant scrolling visual message on their homepage using the individual Instagram photos as puzzle pieces. When clicked on, each post gave detailed information about the event and directed them to the link in our bio. The creative execution was featured on the popular @BeerPulse Twitter, and added more than 600 organic followers in one weekend.


Meghan Terrell – Sr. Creative Strategist, Producer
Client: Methodist Health Foundation

This was the most exciting project I produced in 2015 with my amazing team. The project started as a blog idea from our client, and we quickly proposed the idea of not only a video, but also an experience site that became a vehicle (pardon the pun) to raise funds to advance the care provided for Wound Recovery at Methodist Hospital. This project is something that we are all proud of, and we have received outstanding accolades from the client, from peers in the IndyCar industry and from James Hinchliffe himself. I will be cheering louder for the #5 car this year. Oh yeah, and for the record… this WAS one of our award-winning projects of 2015. We won a Gold Addy at The Indianapolis AAF Addy Awards for it as well!


Jamie Berendsen – Community, Media Manager
Client: GoDaddy
Project: 30 Years of COM

GoDaddy’s 30 Years of COM campaign celebrating the 30th birthday of the original internet domain. All of our content during March was a mega huge throwback to the totally bitchin’ 80s. We thought about what life as a small business owner and web developer was like during that time and created content that reflected the struggles, and nostalgia, associated. In all, between Twitter and Facebook, the campaign generated 13,746 total engagements with a total reach of 2,929,626. Not only was like, totally tubular, rad and fun to concept, create and write, but we won an Addy (and made everyone at the awards laugh).


puresleep_page2Ashleigh Lay – Sr. Graphic Designer
Art Van PureSleep, Cummins, Equifax
Projects: Web design projects

We work on so many fun design projects that it’s difficult to pinpoint only one. I really enjoyed working on web design projects, which we ramped up in 2015. We redesigned 11 web pages for the ArtVan PureSeep website which really gave the site a facelift. We started designing pages for Cummins to help organize their site a little better (the project is still in development). We even designed landing pages for Equifax. I can’t wait to see what kind of web projects roll in during 2016!


Meghan Barich – Sr. Writer, Producer
Client: Indiana State University
Project: Things to Do for in Your First 30 Days at Stateisu

For Indiana State University, we wanted to welcome current Sycamores and new students to campus for the new school year with fun content that also informed. We created a series called “Things to Do for Your First 30 Days at State.” We either linked to an event, department, or the “101 Sycamore Things To Do” poster we created. Two of the top-performing pieces of content centered around activities unique to the university and local community. “Eat square donuts.” and “Get stopped by a train on the way to class.” both garnered high engagement. Goes to show that knowing your audience and tailoring content to them is a winning strategy every time. Plus, our team had a blast creating this content—we love what we do.

Ruby Kohler – Director of Social Media, Content Distribution
Client: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
Project: If the TMNT Were Colts Players…

As the producer on The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis account, I have the absolute pleasure of helping plan and execute the museum’s content and distribution strategies for many of its major exhibits. This has led to some pretty epic content approvals, including kudos from an astronaut! But, the best approval and feedback Raidious has received (in my opinion), came in the fall of 2015, when the museum welcomed four crime fighting, pizza eating heroes – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Our team created a number of content pieces to promote the exhibit, including infographics, social graphics and split-depth GIFs. One of the infographics compared the four turtles and their fearless leader to a few Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, Adam Vinatieri, Pat McAfee, Robert Mathis and Coach Chuck Pagano. Not only did we get a thumbs up from the Colts ownership, but the infographic was also picked up by the Colts Roundup where the players shared their thoughts on being compared to a hero in a half shell: 

“Optimistic, driven, hardworking, self-confident, and brave.
That’s kind of them.”

– Quarterback Andrew Luck

“Goofy, extreme, lovable, creative. I think that’s pretty solid. I think Michelangelo is a guy I’d love to party with.”
– Punter Pat McAfee

“The Ninja Turtles, from my recollection, from the movies and the cartoons, they were all pretty impressive, bad-to-the-bone turtles. So, I think that’s pretty awesome.”
– Kicker Adam Vinatieri

Badass content that resulted in positive feedback from our city’s football heroes? I love this job.



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