The State of Content Distribution in 2016

In Content Distribution by Ryan Smith

2015 was a crossroads for many digital marketers. As content production teams have taken shape over the last few years, the methods by which consumers find and consume information online have shifted in meaningful ways.

  • Real time marketing became the catchphrase of social media teams.
  • Facebook pulled back the reigns on organic reach.
  • Mobile search arrived.

Among these and other milestones, our industry is maturing. With this maturation comes the necessity for marketing teams to learn, change and adapt to the circumstances they are greeted with every day.

Raidious has not been excepted from this new reality. As we reviewed 2015, we thought it was crucial for us to collect our thoughts on the industry. Each of our discussions lead to one inevitable conclusion: 2016 is the year of Content Distribution.

State_of_Distribution_backgroundIn this light, we’ve collected the 2016 State of Distribution, a report which delivers our industry forecasts for the coming years and our learnings from successful content distribution campaigns throughout the past several years.

Read, consider, share and enjoy. (And call us when you have questions).

Here’s to a fantastic 2016!