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5 Steps to Better Marketing Compliance

For marketing teams that operate in highly regulated environments, the compliance team that reviews their materials can often seem like the enemy – steely eyed and on the lookout for any possible risk to the organization.

Chances are though, they’ve saved your *@&% more times than you can count – catching small but significant messaging blunders before they go out into the world.

There are some tried and true approaches to working with your compliance team, rather than separating them from marketing and creating a combative culture. Consider these the next time you find yourself readying for a major campaign:

Accept the speed at which things move, but aim for improvement

Let’s face it, the need for compliance teams will slow down your efforts, sometimes to the point of irrelevance if the window for publishing is short. Live event support, tweetchats, and other vehicles common in other organizations may seem foreign – based on how long it takes for content to get approved.

The best starting point is to accept where you are, but aim for a turnaround that allows you to take the best advantage of the real-time environment at which modern marketing moves. This approach is part zen, part realist. Adopt it, and you’ll find yourself sleeping a bit more soundly.

Get to know your compliance team

This one is huge. In some organizations, the true distance between compliance and marketing teams is imagined,  a “that’s the way things are” approach to marketing. Don’t fall into the trap of letting compliance sit alone on the next floor, or in the office building across town.

Reach out, invite someone to lunch, and get to know him or her. The key to this networking endeavor is to be authentic with why you’re reaching out. Be upfront with your intentions, and make sure you ask them for their own pain points. Chances are your team is unaware of compliance headaches, and vice versa.

Share and share alike. Maybe you’re both fans of James Corden.

Such a heartthrob. The point is you’re both on the connecting ends of a workflow. The more you know about your compliance team’s wants and dreams, the more likely you’ll be to make a friend, and come out knowing more about how to make each others’ lives easier.

Document common compliance violations, and educate the team

If you’ve been working with your compliance team for any amount of time, chances are you’ve seen some of the same issues twice. Also, that the same issues have come up more than once is probably a sticking point for you, your team, and your compliance team. Keep a collective list of the compliance rejections you face, and a small writeup of how to avoid future mishaps.

Be proactive, review regularly

Much like documentation, making compliance planning part of your campaign and content strategy puts the horse ahead of the cart. Compliance planning also allows you an opportunity to set the tone with your team. At the end of the day, a good process for working with compliance is as much about culture as it is about the words, phrases and images you can’t use in your messaging.

Raidious has experience with corporate marketing environments where regulatory compliance is critical. Contact us to find out how we can help you meet your campaign goals this year.

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