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Technology Industry Now HiringIf you are like many Americans, 2009 was rough year. Numerous industries cut back staff to bare-bones operations and, even less fortunate, some businesses locked their doors permanently. The banking industry is in flux, the automobile industry is still in a deep void, and the hospitality industry could use a break. Every industry was effected by the collapse of the financial markets and most industries aren’t projecting significant growth for a couple years. Yikes!

A study release from Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC shows that they are anticipating a rebound in Q1 for digital marketers. 46 % of respondents to their survey said they will be adding staff in Q1 of 2010; only 26% will remain on a hiring freeze, which is down from 45% in Q4 2009.

“All of our major indicators are showing significant improvement… As far as hiring goes, digital and direct marketers are back on a growth trajectory.”

Jerry Bernhart, principal of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, LLC.

If you are a marketer or product specialist still searching for gainful employment, I would encourage you to switch your thinking to a digital mindset. This industry can be intimidating, but in my opinion it is the industry with the best growth potential and promise. Specifically, look to e-mail marketing service providers: ExtactTarget, Responsys, Contant Contact, etc.

These companies aren’t going to hire Joe-Blow-Marketing-Guy-to-Fill-the-Void because this industry is demanding top talent. With so many people out of a job in 2009, they have their pick of the litter. 2010 is your chance to grab the reins and get comfortable in the digital space because the old rules of submitting your resume and waiting for a e-mail or phone call no longer exist.

See the example of Hire Me, Headblade, when Eric Romer took an unconventional approach to landing a job on the West Coast with HeadBlade, Inc. When Eric found out about an opening as the Marketing Manager for HeadBlade, Inc., he not only submitted a resume, but he took his credentials social: Facebook, Twitter and Blog. 24 hours after getting these sites up and running Eric received an interview from HeadBlade, which ultimately led to HeadBlade hiring him.

It is not essential for everyone to go above and beyond like Eric did for the HeadBlade position, but it doesn’t hurt when trying to get noticed. Times are still tough and it is estimated things will remain tough for awhile. Luckily for enterprising individuals there is a way to land a job in a down time. It is up to you if you want that to be today.

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Now go get ’em.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, PJ! Glad you listed a few job-related Twitter sites, too. For people who prefer that platform for their news and general info, it makes the job-seeking process a little easier to digest. Good luck to all those looking to hire (and get hired) using new media tools!

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