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Let me share with you what is, in my opinion, the most perfectly crafted Tweet I have ever seen. It comes from Uproxx writer Danger Guerrero:

See that? That is an entire (and rather complex) story complete with an intelligent joke that takes a second to hit you, and it all fit in a single Tweet.

What does this tell us about brand storytelling? You can tell you story online, no matter what medium. The 140 characters (or the image size for a Timeline photo or the target length for an online video or whatever the “limitations” are of your content) shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle to your creativity, but rather as a challenge to show your clients the true value of the creativity at your agency.

The content we’re creating for our brands is subject to the same expectations as any other content being created online every day, by other content marketers, writers, graphic designers, filmmakers and meme addicts. We’re all operating under the same rules, through applied creativity and understanding of storytelling from the brand voice.

Let’s explore another Tweet, though not as hilariously crafted as the previous one, its message is important for content marketers to understand.

Cheryl Landes Tweet - Communication

I don’t follow Cheryl Landes, but I follow the person who retweeted her, and I am happy I saw this in my timeline because it speaks to an important point. The challenge of marketing hasn’t changed — it’s always been about good communication.

A brand’s story on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and the company blog all have their unique platform optimization techniques, but if you don’t have creative people who are immersed in understanding what your audience wants, you’ll never be able to deliver, no matter how many times you put it in front of people.


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