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Support Your Owned Media Strategy by Creating Graphics

The Internet is a black hole. Sometimes — well, most times — I find myself in some strange corner of the Internet without knowing how I got sucked in there. If you ended up here in that way, welcome! And because you’re new here, you probably don’t know that I am a content correspondent for Raidious (not to be confused for satisfied correspondent, which my mom told people for months).

Raidious is a social media marketing firm. We work exclusively in owned media. I specialize in graphic design. I’d say at least 95 percent of my work day is consumed with making content for social media. In other words, I make graphics for our clients’ Facebook, G+, Twitter and other social media pages. These graphics include shareable graphics, cover images, profile pictures, thumbnails, etc.

You may not be surprised to find out that each of these platforms has their own graphic specifications. But you may be surprised at how many specifications there are. When I first started creating social media images, I had to look up the specs online using multiple sources. Occasionally, I still look up specs when my memory fails me (getting old is a B). It can be hassle, considering, there isn’t just one source that has all the specs I need. After months of fighting it, I decided to make my own spec guide for myself and others who have suffered my same fate. If that is you, enjoy!


At Raidious, we create engaging content for our clients on all owned media channels. Download our Orange Paper for more information about what we do, or contact us today!

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  1. Todd Dawson

    Pretty sure the Facebook template is wrong, though all current sources say the same thing. But when I changed the images on a client’s page this week, I swear that 181 pixel square is a LOT bigger now.

    It would be SO nice if such orgs actually ANNOUNCED the changes, and specs…

  2. Ashleigh

    Kris, I’m sure my mom would love if it said that on our business cards!

    Todd, I double checked the size by taking a screen shot of a Facebook page, then measuring the pixels — the 160 display size seems legit. Also, here is Facebook’s current info on the subject:

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  15. Thank you, Ashleigh! This is so super helpful. You are A ROCK STAR. Thank you, thank you! I will share will all of my social media peeps and tweeps, too.

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