Public Relations

Raidious at Indiana Chamber Of Commerce: The New Normal

My topic today was the "how" behind social media. I went over several different tools, including one of our favorites at Raidious, Radian6. When I got back to my office, I found an email from Radian6 talking about their new product launch which was very exciting, and which I wrote about over on SocialMediaRisk.com. You should check it out - game changer for large enterprise.

Where do Social Media Budgets Come From?

eMarketer says there was a 23% increase in social media spending excluding paid advertising, which is a great sign for a company like ours. What's even better is they are projecting an additional 35% for this year.

Owned Media update: Official Research from Forrester

Back in September, I wrote this post regarding the definitions of Paid Media (what Ad Agencies do), Earned Media(what PR firms do) and Owned Media (what Raidious does). Recently found this article from Forrester Research, apparently they've been looking into this. Good information!

Earned Media vs. Paid Media vs. Owned Media

In the past, there were basically two approaches to marketing services: earned media (PR) and paid media (advertising). More recently we've seen the rise of owned media. What's the difference? It's mostly about Control.