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This is the first of a series of posts featuring members of our team. All of the this series will be available here.

Taulbee Jackson is not your typical CEO. He is the leader of the band, yet not the front man. Consider him the Eddie Van Halen of Internet marketing. The flawless maestro of interactive marketing. His guidance of Raidious covers every inch of the infinite scenarios that our content and social media plans provide. We plan, iterate, and execute.

He does it right, and so do we.

Taulbee’s history includes working as a planner & strategist in the advertising agency world, as well as in a web design & digital production company.  This experience led to a realization that the problems clients needed help with were content problems, not technology or marketing problems.

Raidious was started to fix those problems.

“When you think about it, the technology is the easy part. The hard part is content – and it is all content. The success of every web site, email, blog post, and social media campaign is directly related to content. Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing content. Online ads have to lead back to content. At the end of every single online interaction, there is… content.”

Everything marketers measure online is a measurement of the success of content. Email open rates? Content driven. Time on Site? Engagement? Network size? All driven by content.

“When I tried to solve this problem with the operational infrastructure and staffing constraints of an ad agency, or even with a digital shop, it became clear that we needed to re-think everything about how a marketing services organization should be staffed and structured. Agencies and PR firms and digital shops don’t have content people on staff – nor are they structured to produce content or manage dialog or work in real time. So we started from scratch, and built Raidious from the ground up to really address marketer’s needs in today’s real time, two way media environment.”

Everything needs content, and everyone needs content. If you need more content about content, please fill out the form below:

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  1. Full disclosure – I pay Brian, and I made him write a blog post for the company, so he made me do an interview, which I thought was going to be about Raidious. I did not ever use the words “virtuoso”, “maestro”, or “Eddie VanHalen”. Thanks for the kind words, though, Brian. (note – you are still not getting a raise this year). : )

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