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They’ve said a picture is worth a thousand words — and in the case of Instagram, those pictures are worth roughly a billion dollars — but right now, if you’re not creating and sharing rich media content, then you might be losing your users’ attention. With the changes to Google’s algorithm that have come in the past months, as well as Facebook’s continued tuning to its EdgeRank, it’s become more and more important to make sure that your content is reaching your audience, and one of the best ways to make sure is with rich media content.

Here are the three best reasons to consider producing rich media content:

EdgeRank and Panda
Google has time and again shifted the way it brings back its search to reward those of us who are regularly putting up timely, compelling content. Facebook’s EdgeRank does much the same by weeding out content that users have a low affinity for. Pushing images and infographics along with your message gives you the best chance to be heard by those you’re trying to get to.

The Share Button
The new Facebook timeline has given much more priority to images and links than ever before. Each design element of the site is used to best display this kind of content front and center. Producing this kind of content is the best way to catch the eye of your audience, but more than that, Facebook has made it easier than ever to allow users to share your content with their friends. People are far more likely to share your compelling image as opposed to your very clever text; it’s human nature.

User Engagement
Your audience is far more likely to comment on things they can interact with visually. A question posed is far less likely to garner responses without an image that viscerally drives an emotion. Rich media content doesn’t just have to be simple images; infographics are great ways to get your message to your audience in a format that they’re more likely to engage with.

Keep these things in mind the next time you consider posting that dry text-only status, and consider instead driving your point home to your audience with rich-media content.

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