The Day Google Talk Was Down: Social Apps We Just Can’t Live Without!

In Content Marketing, Earned Media & PR, Social Media Marketing by Kaitlin Coons

Raidious prides itself on its use of Google Apps, allowing employees to access documents and client work from everywhere. Living in the cloud certainly has its perks. We can review projects out of the office and while we’re traveling. But things started to go awry one morning when Google Talk and other apps were experiencing a service outage.

Our team lives in Google Talk daily. It provides us with a quick and easy way to collaborate without interrupting each other’s workflow. So as you could imagine, we were all a little frustrated when we had to send a boring e-mail to communicate with each other!


The lack of GChat really got my wheels turning. What other digital platforms could we not live without? First and foremost, Facebook. How would we stay up-to-date with friends who live far away? Birthdays would go missed. Raidious wouldn’t get to share AWESOME things about your brand!

We couldn’t help but notice that Twitter was down on the same day. (Even though, IRONICALLY, Mashable published this article right before the outage mentioning, “At least Twitter isn’t down.”) What’s a social media company to do? Raidious utilizes a really helpful website called “down right now” to help identify which platforms are working properly.

No doubt, it’s a huge bummer when our favorite websites aren’t working. We’ve found it’s best to use this site to keep tabs on bugs so you can plan accordingly!

Does it frustrate you when social platforms are down? Share your thoughts with us!