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On Monday reported in-depth on some changes to the Facebook Like button. This is in relation to using the Like button on a published site. Basically, they are replacing the “share” button on sites with “Like” and “Like (with comment)”.

This means when you have this functionality installed on your site, and a user “likes” something, the user of your site is effectively syndicating your content directly into Facebook, publishing it into the streams of all their friends.

Let’s hope that content doesn’t suck, eh? The real world equivalent of this would be advertising to get people into your store, then handing them 150 flyers to go give to all their friends, along with a personal endorsement (implied, at the very least) of how great your company is.

You can’t get that with paid media. You can’t get it with earned media. Only owned media gives you this unique scenario where not only do you get to control the message, and the platform, but the credibility of the source is almost unquestionable.

If my friend says it is so, it must be true! I trust them. I confide in them. I have a relationship with my friends that brands–regardless of their budgets or their hip factor or their sheer will–will never, ever be able to replicate, because brands are not people.

What is an impression like that worth compared to buying a print ad (if it’s good enough I’ll see it online), or having a story featured on the local news (which my friends curate for me on Facebook)?

I would have to say it is worth a helluva lot more than any tactic a traditional medium–paid media or earned media–can offer. Plus, you can track each actual impression or interaction all the way through to conversion, if you know what you’re doing on the anlaytics front. Earned media and paid media are at best a guess, an approximation.

The Like button could (and probably will) become one of the top syndicators of your content, if you employ this technology on your site or your blog. What else are you doing to syndicate your content?

We have seen a lot of success with our clients on Reddit, as well as occasionally on Digg (hit and miss). Twitter and Facebook syndication works. We have also recently been working more traditional syndication into our content planning, as well as guest blogging strategies for brands and thought leaders.

Getting the content off of your site or blog and proactively getting it in front of people is critical to your success, and a Facebook Like button is a great start. Let us know if you need a hand with this, or other syndication strategies; we’ll be happy to help!










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