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Owned media has been on the rise the past couple of years.

Two types of media have always existed. One is paid, where you pay for the placement of your message. This can be ads on blogs, television, etc. — but they are generally skipped over. The other is earned, which is when you get your story placed in a new media outlet and have journalist talk about it. Now, companies can produce their own content because of owned media — all thanks to the Internet. Owned media allows you to reach the same audience as those other media, but in a way that is more effective.

Owned media involves content that you create, control and share with others. You write, produce, record, publish and tell your audience about it. Pretty much, if you own the channel and the content, it’s owned media.

There are three things that make owned media work:

1. Creating amazing content
2. Sharing good stuff to engage your audience
3. Getting your audience to trust you/building relationships

Owned media is important because it helps you reach your audience, which is where the other media have a problem. People are out there looking for YouTube videos, tweets, blogs, etc. They are looking for answers to their problems, which you can give them. It is a great way to improve visibility, reach your target audience, and find people who want to engage and build long-term relationships.

Raidious deals with owned media, not paid or earned. Owned media is all about providing your OWN content on platforms YOU own and control. Raidious provides the content for your brand’s platforms that engage customers and furthers your relationships. Content is what makes owned media work.

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