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Thinking Visually

When I started at Raidious a few years ago, I was writing blogs for various clients every day. To this art major, being visual by nature, it could get a little tedious and monotonous. We continue to produce a large amount of blog posts here at Raidious, but the biggest shift in the last couple years has been an increase in the visual. We create significantly more social graphics, infographics, interactive graphics and video than than we ever did in those early days. Society seems to have shifted to my way of thinking, and as you might guess, I’m pretty happy about it.

The amplification of graphic and video production has been a necessity as attention spans continue to shrink and the surrounding noise on social continues to ratchet up at warp speed. Your brand has about three seconds to capture me (and even less for most audiences now), and you’ll likely get about that same amount of time before I move on to the next piece of content. You better give me that info, and you better give it to me fast and in an interesting manner. Think about how you would make it JUST for me.

With the birth of social networks like Instagram and other image and video-centric platforms, we’ve all become (generally bad) photographers and filmmakers. We’re all telling stories in real time. Because of this fact, just about everyone at Raidious is now at least a quasi-graphic designer. We all know how to use Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic creation/editing programs. And, because creating remarkable content is always our goal, we have one of the best highly trained graphic designers on staff (as well as an amazing network of trained freelance graphic designers). Bottom line, we are always thinking about how to tell a story visually, quickly and effectively. Raidious preaches thinking visually because that’s what audiences are telling us they want. How can you take your information and give it a more interesting face? How can you make it hot, right?!

Angie's list Facebook postThe most engaging graphics have a sound strategy behind them. Chucking up photos of kitties and puppies will get you engagement, but they won’t drive conversion to your business goal. You have to look at the data. What is your audience engaging with most frequently and to what level? Before you ever make content, you need to listen to your data, to your audience, and measure the results of previously published content. These things will help guide your content creation strategy.

If you want to start telling the right story with amazing images and video, and inspire your audience to take action, contact Raidious today.

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