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This Week at Raidious – New Social Platform Features

Major social platforms are grabbing new headlines as of late. Like Twitter employees bracing for layoffs, LinkedIn offering a new vacation policy, and Pinterest crossing a milestone of 100 million users. While all that turmoil and progress is going on, they all managed to launch some interesting new features over the last few weeks. Here at Raidious, we are looking at how/if we can use these new features for our clients.

This week at Raidious, I decided to probe a few people from our team on some of these new social media platform features. Specifically, the new Twitter Moments, Pinterest Buy It Button, and LinkedIn’s changes to Groups.

I don’t know about you, but I think these are some pretty awesome new features! Can you imagine using Promoted Moments for your next live event? How about all the high fives you’ll get for an increase in sales from Pinterest? There are a lot of benefits for brands using these features as part of a social media strategy, and Raidious is here to help you get started.

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  1. Nice video Kira. Had not noticed the lighting bolt on twitter tell I watched this little video blog. I had to do a search to see how long I have gone with out noticing this bolt!

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