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Are These Three Assumptions Holding Your Digital Strategy Hostage?

Marketers carry lots of closely held opinions about our work – what’s effective, what’s not, and how to go about the business of accomplishing our goals. Sometimes though, our opinions can become disconnected with reality and fact. If we’re unwilling to change those beliefs based on empirical evidence, we risk becoming a barrier to our team being successful.

Here are a few hallmark opinions that we’ve encountered in the wild. If you or a colleague is guilty of such an utterance, it might be time to inspect why you hold that opinion.

I never use channel X. Our audience isn’t active there.

If I’m selling toothbrushes to 65 year-old residents of Milwaukee (I use this example for nothing other than specificity, but if you’re 65 in MKE and need to clean your teeth I know a guy) then I wouldn’t fully expect to find them on Snapchat. I don’t personally read the local Sunday Gazette, but I don’t have anything against marketing there to reach my audience.

The point is this – you are not your audience, so approach them and their consumption habits with an open mind. Even if past efforts have fallen flat on the particular channel, don’t blame the channel outright.

Sample data isn’t accurate. Show me the total number.

Do you know how long it takes to load a million records? Data sampling is relevant for a reason, namely that it shouldn’t take days to run a performance report. If you have a specific beef with your software’s sampling method, that’s cool – just don’t come at your marketing analyst with “SAMPLING BAD SMASH SAMPLE” as your point of entry.

Our visitors from channel X aren’t buying. We should stop spending there.

This one comes with a caveat – if you’re running a comprehensive attribution model for your sales or lead generation efforts, then by all means, feel free to make this claim. If not, you’re probably not measuring the true value of your marketing efforts, so don’t be too hasty to make scorched-earth, radical changes to your budget.

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