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Building engagement on your social channels can seem like a daunting task — and it can be, let’s be honest. Do a casual search on your company’s value prop, and you’ll discover a handful of companies (with similar value props) that seem to have unlocked the keys to engaging social content. If you’re just getting started building your company’s online brand, or you need to revamp your existing persona, don’t fret, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

 Here are three steps every corporate marketer should take to build social engagement.
  1. Lean on Employee Advocates: Whether a B2B or B2C corporation, you have a bevy of brand advocates in your employees. Get your sales team teed up to engage with clients on professional networks like LinkedIn, and make sure they have internal resources for sharing stories and asking questions. Corporate culture plays an important role in how employees feel about your brand; engage with your employees on social channels and make sure all employees have a voice.
  2. Establish Relationships with Your Vendors and Clients: Aside from your employees, who can speak your praises better than your vendors and clients? Create opportunities for these people to share your content and bestow praises upon your work. Mention clients and vendors in your social content, create case studies and videos that showcase your work with them and show your appreciation for the relationships you’ve built. Consider the networks your clients and vendors have and how you can capitalize on their audience to spread your brand message.
  3. Diversify Content: This is a fancy way of saying that you have to create interesting content before people will engage with you. Interesting content means different things to different people but can come in the form of rich media units like infographics, videos, testimonials, blog posts and social promotions. Know your audience — as a B2B company, you need to know that your prospective customers probably aren’t poking around on Facebook looking for engagement opportunities. Spread your content across targeted channels for the greatest chance of engagement (and refer to the first and second points).
It all starts with a plan. Look for the ways your employees, customers, prospects and vendors are currently engaging with you and build a short and long-term engagement strategy around targeted channels. Better social engagement is just around the corner!

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