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Three Ways You’re in Your Own Way with Publishing Frequency

Smarter people than I have remarked, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” And that applies to many cases—your brand’s content publishing not excluded.

Everybody wants to make good content. Everybody wants to publish more of it. Few people think it’s a bad idea to put out more good content through your marketing efforts. The problem is when it comes time to execute against those good intentions, we suddenly find all kinds of self-created roadblocks from getting good content up on our channels. The good news? Most of these problems are easy to solve once you’ve identified what has you stymied.

Not Enough Planning

Simply put: you didn’t put the effort into planning for content production that would have made the actual creation and publishing a smooth process. Steps like understanding the audience you want to speak to, knowing the tone and frequency your brand voice takes, or even which channels are appropriate make publishing easier. Knowing how to talk, whom to talk to, and where to talk to them take much of the guess work out of content production when it’s time to be clever in 140 characters.

Too Much Control

While no brand wants to become the laughingstock of the Internet (and appearing in that situation can have real brand consequences), your marketing effort is unlikely to save any lives anytime soon. We’re creating marketing content, not doing open heart surgery. There are not lives hanging in the balance. Spending all day making minor adjustments to a blog post that needed to go live five hours ago to have the most impact is not a good use of your time, and is likely neutering the post. Be bold. Push “publish.” If you did your due diligence in planning, then you’re unlikely to wander off into shark-infested waters.

A Lack of Resources

The lack of resources to produce good content can be a real issue. Simply asking someone with a full workload to add in a blog post or two a week plus 50 social posts on top of their normal workload isn’t really a feasible strategy for long term success. Good planning and some discipline take the flip side of this coin–creating this content doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. You have to put a priority into producing content for your channels or you can’t expect them to ever produce results for you. This means spending time on them, even if it feels like you’re too busy to do so. Trust us, it’s worth it in the long run.

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