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Working from home can be pretty awesome. It eliminates the distractions that sometimes come along with working in an open-air office, saves gas money and time in traffic during rush hour, and provides the opportunity to stay at home with the kids during the day and let in the plumber during business hours when the sink is broken.

But then, there’s the whole issue of, you know, staying on task. Ugh, how does one do it when there are errands to run and chores nagging you?

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a singular one-size-fits-all solution for productivity when working from home. There are, however, many tactics you can use to get yourself on track. Give these tips a try:

  • Look The Part: When you get up in the morning, get dressed and ready for the day rather than lounging around in pajamas or sweatpants. Though wearing loungewear while making calls and checking emails might seem like a big perk of working from home, slouchy attire can oftentimes translate into slouchy work. So put in some effort and save the sweatpants for Saturday morning.
  • Track Your Time: Pay careful attention to how you’re spending your time, and keep detailed notes — by hand or with an app — tracking your activity. This is a great tool for identifying where you’re efficient … and where you’re not so efficient. If the same distraction patterns keep popping up in your notes, you’ll know what bad habits to cut out of your work day at home.
  • Take Breaks: Seriously, set aside time for breaks to keep working efficiently. Otherwise, that whole thing where You Stare At The Computer For An Hour But Get Nothing Done will happen.  Now, this doesn’t mean getting up every 10 minutes to unload the dishwasher or fold the laundry or call your mom or play with your dog. But it does mean that throughout the day, you should get up to stretch and give yourself a moment to recharge, and leave the house for lunch if you can.

Hopefully, these tactics will help you get your work done in a much more timely, efficient manner.

Got tips for working from home? Be sure to leave them in the comments section!

And stay tuned for more pointers in Tips For Working From Home: Part 2.

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