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Brands are finally starting to get it. By that I mean that brands are flocking to Facebook as a primary communication medium for their target customers. It’s hard to argue the fact that Facebook is an extraordinary venue to promote your business, and grow your audience. The main challenge that comes along with more brands utilizing Facebook is differentiating yourself from the competition. Here are our top five ways to stand out among the crowd.
We have an app for that

Facebook apps are abundant, simple, and relatively inexpensive when you take into account their ROI. Just think about it. Everyone has a website. Everyone has a Facebook page. Would you just build the same website that everyone else has, or would you customize it to your brand standards and identity?

Now which apps should you use? Well, that’s a blog post of a different color.

Give them a reason to follow you

Everyone wants more fans and followers. The key is to understand who is following you and why. It’s no secret that people follow brands on Facebook because they want to get something in return. How do you keep those people happy? By giving them something.

Contesting, discounts, and rewards are a few ways to reward your audience for being a part of your social media family. Leverage your offline relationships such as sponsorships and B2B partnerships to get creative on offers.

Show your sense of humor, even if you don’t have one

There’s no doubt about it, social media is fun. That is why people use it. People go to Facebook for fun. People go to YouTube to laugh. If you are publishing boring advertising copy on your Facebook wall constantly, then you’re missing the point.

Make your users smile every once in a while, and they’ll continue to follow you. Advertise or try to sell to them, and you’re never going to grow a valuable audience.

Give these three tips a try, and watch your Facebook audience grow with valuable connections that will ultimately lead to more engagement and higher revenue.

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