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Top 5 Responses McDonald’s Should Have Considered to The McWhopper

Last week was #NationalBurgerDay and if you didn’t celebrate by chowing down on a delicious Burger then I’m not sure you can call yourself an American. No offense vegetarians, technically those are considered burgers too.

The big news of the day was the McWhopper. Burger King’s attempt to end the burger war with McDonald’s and promote world peace in the process. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, McDonald’s didn’t think so. Read their response. We kinda think McDonald’s missed the point. Did Burger King really think Mcdonald’s would say yes? We doubt it. Regardless, Burger King got the attention they wanted.


Top 5 responses McDonald’s should have considered

  1. We already have a McBaconator agreement with @Wendys.
    We’ll have to check with our legal department and let you know. #LegalProblems
  2. This sounds like a great opportunity to introduce Ronald McKing. #RonaldForPeace #PeaceKing
  3. Great idea @Burgerking but can we just serve our fries? They’re world famous already. #PeaceFries
  4. When is National Chicken Day? We’re thinking McChicken Fries. #McChickenFries
  5. Great idea! Unfortunately, we’ve already signed on with @PizzaHut for Peace of Pizza Day.

OK, maybe those aren’t the magic bullet, but can we all just agree that the McWhopper proposal and Burger King’s use of social media is amazing!? At Raidious we’re always looking for great pieces of content and distribution. Burger King killed it yesterday by creating a great campaign and delivering it on the right channels at the right time. They had a plan, a strategy and they made amazing content. That’s a recipe for success no matter how you stack it.

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