Lil Bub

Top Social Media Celebrities by Network

In News, Social Media Marketing by Lisa Manthei

Good content will find a way to be seen. Sometimes it takes a bit more work, and some people have their social media game down to an art.

Here’s a look at some of the most noteworthy social media accounts who have reached “celeb” status.


If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love dogs, especially my own little fool. So I’ve reserved this section for a category of celebrity that lends itself quite well to Facebook: the furry kind.

Lil Bub. Yes, Grumpy Cat probably rules the feline Facebook kingdom, but even I–someone who doesn’t like cats–love Lil Bub. (How could you not? That face!) Apparently nearly 2 million people agree with me on this one. Bonus points: Lil Bub belongs to the Hoosier state, just like Raidious. What I love even more? Scientists are trying to find out what makes Lil Bub so genetically unique. This is important because animals with defects and disabilities can often serve as inspirations for children (and adults!) who are also different. (Shoutout to Turbo, another Hoosier, who’s also inspiring people through social media despite his setbacks.)

Doug the Pug. Again, I’m probably a little biased on this one because I have a pug companion of my own, but what I love about dear old Doug is how connected he is with popular culture and social trends. Seriously, check out some of these and tell me you aren’t in love like the rest of us 1 million-ish fans: Harry Pugger, Doug the Pug recreates Kim Kardashian selfies and Doug’s take on the dad bod trend.


donni. How do you get a huge following on Twitter in 140 characters or less? I’ll tell you one thing: it helps to be funny. Donni Saphire is a comedian with 41.1 thousand followers who manages just that. His tweets read as random thoughts and musings, and that’s perhaps what makes him most entertaining. (This musing, for example. Or this one.)

BronxZoosCobra. Remember that one time the Bronx Zoo’s cobra went missing? After that happened, some genius with comedic timing snatched up this Twitter handle and began tweeting some pretty hysterical things. This wasn’t the first or last time a Twitter account was created after an event in the news or in pop culture. (Pharrell’s hat, anyone?) The cool thing about this account, though, is that when that wonderful/creepy little creature was found, the account didn’t die. Instead, there was a “rebranding” of sorts. The account didn’t lose any steam and instead began to post about thoughts from within the zoo for 168 thousand followers. Well done, little fella. Well done.


The Fat Jew. With more than 4 million fans, Josh Ostrovsky, is yet another social media celebrity who’s taking on other real world projects thanks to his online fame. The Fat Jew has plans to launch his own rosé called “White Girl” with the tag line is, “This is so us.” The power of social media celebrity offers up countless opportunities for brands who are willing to get in on the trends.

Darryll Jones. Wellington Campos. Cory Richards. I by no means intend to take anything away from these accounts by grouping them together, but they share one thing in common that Instagram really has the ability to showcase: art.

  • Darryll (85.7 thousand followers) may or may not have a thing for Star Wars and features a stormtrooper in quite a bit of his art.
  • Similarly, Wellington (2.2 million followers) showcases a pop culture icon in his images. This time, it’s Woody from Toy Story and a variety of friends in different scenarios.
  • Cory (355 thousand followers) showcases art of a more serious nature as he is Natural Geographic photographer. Regardless, his photographs from around the world are equal parts artistic and beautiful.


King Bach. No brainer on this one. King Bach, known in the “real world” as Andrew B. Bachelor is a comedian, actor and Vine megastar with over 12 million followers – by far the most in the world. What makes this even more impressive is that his Vine super-stardom led to his signing with a talent agency and landing guest and recurring roles on television shows like The Mindy Project.

Brittany Furlan. Brittany Furlan also has millions of followers on Vine–more than 9 million, in fact–and also has the distinction of being the most followed female on the social network. Her presence is so well felt that she even found herself on TIME’s list of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.


lacma_museum. Okay, you caught me. LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art isn’t a person, but their account is noteworthy from a content and brand perspective. As the first museum to join Snapchat, LACMA gained a lot of praise for their full use of comedic pop culture references. This obviously wouldn’t work for every brand, but this launch into the Snapchat worked because it was unexpected, well-executed and made their brand relevant to people they might not normally reach.

shonduras. dabttl. Shaun McBride (shonduras) and Dasha Battelle (dabttll) aren’t the same type of Snapchat artists we all fancy ourselves to be. (REALLY, HOW DO THEY DO IT?) They’re actual artists and enthusiasts who have taken to Snapchat to reach wider audiences. And they even have the websites to prove it.
Not every company or brand has the ability to reach as many people as these social media stars have, but it is possible with a little work, strong content and consistency to grow your audiences and open the door to new opportunities. And Raidious is fully equipped to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!