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Drunk Uncle adequately described the pace of life these days this past weekend: “Everything happens so fast now, Seth. One second it’s Halloweeeeeen. The next second is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Arbor Day, Fourth of July, Chrimmis again! Feliz Navidon’t!”

As more and more statistics emerge about humanity’s ever-decreasing attention spans, we’re definitely seeing a continued push toward social networks and social tactics that focus on brief content and more direct interaction. Images, GIFs and videos are delivering greater viewership and higher engagement than long-form content.

Vine videos are only six seconds long. “Brand Vines are shared four times more than other online videos, and five Vines are shared every second on Twitter,” according to social media expert Heather Taylor.

Instagram focuses on single images, but it also introduced video at the more brand-friendly 15-second length – still half the length of a standard television commercial. Last week, Instagram added a Direct feature, which allows more micro-social interaction. The network also boasts 10 times the number of users over Vine, and that larger audience base will likely prove more attractive to your brand, if choosing between the two apps.

Pinterest focuses on the sharing of single images, but it allows a user to go deeper and explore boards specific to one topic area.

And finally, Snapchat is focused on one-to-one user interactions, with single images and short videos, and the content disappears after a short few seconds.

On the tactics side, infographics are telling entire data-based stories within one quick-hit graphic piece of content, and videos are driving more than half the traffic on the Web.

So what does all this mean for your brand?

Your brand is now competing to tell the shortest stories with the biggest impact. Brevity and clarity are crucial. Think about your message. What is your goal? What, in the simplest of terms, are you trying to convey to your target audience? Can you convey it in an image or short video with a catchy headline or caption? Truth is, you probably can, but you need to boil it down to the absolute basics and lose all the fluff. Social Media Strategist Tara Urso also explains that your brand needs to think about how you can make that message “entertaining, meaningful, funny, likable, or inspiring … and NOT self centered.” This Vine from Lowes sums that all up. It’s an extremely helpful solution to a problem we’ve all encountered.

This is what consumers are expecting. They want to get in and get out, but they want to be moved while they’re there. Do you think you can create to-the-point, meaningful content that emotionally connects with your audience, all the while keeping your brand message clear and relevant?

Google “Best Brand Vines” to get some great examples of what I’m talking about, and then contact Raidious today. We do this kinda thing for brands all. day. long.

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