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Tumblr Is Like A Leather Jacket

In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions, Tumblr is cool. Like that leather jacket that you bought impulsively because why not and everyone has one these days. But now, you don’t know how to wear it, so it sits in your closet, mocking you. Tumblr is that leather jacket. Many brands have bought it, but most have no idea how to wear it.

Tumblr captures the attention of that elusive 18-34 demographic, who not only pay attention but also stay engaged. According to Forbes, a typical Facebook post gets 18 hours of engagement and a tweet gets only 18 minutes. On Tumblr, content can continue to be engaged with for days, weeks or even months.


Social amplification and good old-fashioned SEO. While tweets and Facebook posts aren’t typically indexed on Google, Tumblr posts are. Every piece of content posted to Tumblr is tagged. This allows users to contribute to conversations and follow only what they’re interested in.

For businesses, this means that Tumblr could provide a built-in audience that is ALREADY interested in specific tags and topics, allowing business to easily reach communities of fans. So what’s standing in the way of business jumping on Tumblr and having great engagement? Great engagement = great content. The only way to get some face time with an audience on Tumblr is to create amazing content and tag it effectively.

So what does great content on Tumblr look like? Let’s look at some brands that are seriously killing it on Tumblr.


Velveeta – Wacky, interesting and also unlike any other Tumblr page I’ve ever scene, Velveeta isn’t afraid to let their freak flag fly. They share zany macaroni art, videos and very, very interesting images – Velveeta’s Tumblr content is never dull.


Disney/Pixar – Pixar gives its Tumblr followers what they want: behind-the-scenes exclusives. The brand regularly shares videos, favorite gifs and beautiful human interest pieces. It’s like the Pixar Tumblr aims to accomplish just one thing: to make you smile. Mission accomplished!


Vans – The shoe all the cool kids wear, Vans, keeps that image up on its Tumblr. Sharing super-cool images of the brand’s footwear in action and throwing the spotlight on the folks who wear them, Vans easily connects with the Tumblr audience. The brand also lets its consumers know how to connect by making its tag, #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL, large and in charge on the page.

Tumblr is cool, but not unreachable. B2Cs looking to reach young people NEED to be on Tumblr. But in order to be successful, you need content that is targeted to your specific audience AND engaging. Now that you know how, it’s time to bust out that leather jacket.

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