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Twitter is letting us use GIFs

Twitter has finally answered our prayers! They’re letting us post GIFs. And we’re all doing this:








Here is Twitter’s announcement tweet that made us all cry happy tears:

Click on the image to go to the Tweet.

Now that Twitter allows us to post GIFs, there’s no reason not to post them because it’s really easy to do. To tweet a GIF, all you do is compose a new tweet and select a photo to add. Instead of adding a photo, you upload a GIF. And boom. #EasyPeasy










Trying to find GIFs?

You can find GIFs anywhere. A good place to start is Google image search. Other good sources are Giffy and Buzzfeed. If you’re coming up short with your searches, try to get more specific with your keywords, like the examples below:

“jennifer lawrence laughing gif”:









“adorable puppy gif”:








“cat jumping falling gif”:






You get the point.


Want to create a custom GIF?

If you aren’t handy in Photoshop and want to create your own GIF, you’re in luck. Here is a list of sites [and apps] that will help you create an original GIF:

  • Giflike and GIFsoup: Websites that create GIFs from YouTube links.
  • Make a GIF: Another website that creates GIFs from YouTube links or uploaded images.
  • Jiffy: This is a Google Chrome extension. Once it’s added to Chrome, you can create GIFs from any YouTube page.
  • GIFBrewery: It’s available in the App Store (Mac users only). At the small price of $5, you can make GIFs on your computer 24/7.


Don’t overlook GIFs when it comes to your social media content. For other ideas to boost your content strategy, contact us today!

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