Bass Pro Shops Capitalizes on Content at Legends of Golf Tournament

In Case Studies by Sean Ireton

Planning the perfect live event takes equal parts skill and luck. Your weeks of planning and synchronizing schedules can easily be thrown off by last-minute hiccups if you aren’t equipped to adapt. When a change in the weather nearly got the best of Bass Pro Shops’ Legends of Golf tournament, Raidious stepped in to bring calm to the storm.

It’s no secret that events like tournaments, conventions and the like are great opportunities to capture a mountain of great content. The problem is, who do you ask to capture it? When all hands are on deck for the event’s execution, you need a team that’s responsive and agile to be your eyes and ears. Raidious can help you win every moment on your big day, and for weeks to come.

Check out our use case to learn more about how real-time monitoring helped Bass Pro Shops tee off without a hitch.