Equifax Use Case

Raidious Helps Equifax Manage the SEO Implications of an Acquisition

In Case Studies, Search Marketing by Sean Ireton

Acquisitions are an occasion to celebrate. They signal a strengthening of a core brand’s offer through the onboarding of experts in a relevant field, all to bring more value to customers. From the customer’s viewpoint, not much should change aside from being able to access a new line of service — but behind the scenes, there is a litany of digital implications when merging a webpage into the parent company’s domain.

Equifax’s acquisition of data-driven marketing company IXI Services posed a challenge for SEO. Their site had to be incorporated into the sophisticated web of links on the Equifax domain, without disrupting organic traffic to the site. During a 3-month SEO and paid search retainer, Raidious overcame the challenge.


Our use case shows how Raidious facilitated the site transfer and implemented a successful Paid Search program. Check it out!