LIDS Use Case

Raidious Delivers Full Funnel Results for Sportswear Retailer LIDS

In Case Studies, Social Media Marketing by Sean Ireton

When a customer makes a purchase, it marks the final step in a lengthy journey. At one point, maybe in the distant past, they were made aware of your brand or product. They did their homework and began to consider making a purchase, before finally pulling the trigger and opening their wallet for you. Their journey is complex, and brands that try to move consumers just by throwing a wad of money at their social channels are doing themselves a massive disservice.

The backbone of every social strategy is just that — strategy. Without applying structure to social media to move consumers down the funnel, you lose out on opportunities to engage along every step of the journey. Each stage of the funnel must be addressed individually but implemented as part of a cohesive strategy to accomplish your goals.


Our use case demonstrates how Raidious helped sports retailer LIDS convert on-channel activity to e-commerce action. Read on to see how we pulled off the hat trick!