Walmart Use Case

Raidious Assists Walmart with Social Media Monitoring, Crisis Communications

In Case Studies by Sean Ireton

Being the center of attention is something most companies only dream of, but the rise of social has made it even easier for brands to get their time in the spotlight. Eyes are on you every second of every day, but that spells a major problem if you aren’t prepared to react when news breaks. What do you do when all that attention turns negative?

Walmart’s answer was to turn to Raidious. Facing a crisis, the Fortune 1 company needed a trusted team who’s quick on their feet to assuage negative conversations online. Raidious pioneered real-time monitoring when all eyes were on Indianapolis for the 2012 Super Bowl, and our leadership made us a great fit to integrate into the Walmart team.


Read the use case to see how Raidious’ monitoring around the clock paved the way for Walmart’s social strategy to this day.