GoDaddy Use Case

Super Bowl XLIX ad support that changed on a dime


GoDaddy was in the unique position of needing to change not only a national Super Bowl ad but also all the supporting creative elements within 48 hours prior broadcast. Due to public discourse around the original ad, GoDaddy had to pull it, rendering all supporting content unusable.


Raidious took the new ad direction and quickly crafted entirely fresh creative content to support the ad in real-time during the game. The Raidious team activated its brand newsroom team to monitor online conversations surrounding the live ad and create content in real-time. Additionally, the Raidious distribution team immediately adjusted paid distribution of creative content. The new social direction came from supporting the brand’s focus on helping small business owners thrive with their web presence. Raidious was able to create 12 content units in 36 hours to support shift in Super Bowl ad campaign.

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