Schlage Use Case

A partner ad agency produced eight branded videos for Schlage, a leading manufacturer of door locks and hardware. Schlage laid down high expectations for KPIs, which included 100,000 combined views, to be received within 45 days of these videos being published. Because the ad agency didn’t specialize in social distribution, it enlisted Raidious to develop and execute a paid distribution plan, as well as support organic activity with daily monitoring for engagement opportunities.

Astounding reach for video content—both organic and paid distribution

Raidious’ Director of Social Media & Distribution worked with its team of analysts and content correspondents to build and deploy an action plan, which included:
  • Daily monitoring for on and off-channel engagement opportunities.
  • Crafting and publishing entertaining responses that aligned with the brand voice.
  • Managing and optimizing native ads on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


822,670 combined views

Raidious achieved 823% of the client’s expected performance goal.

YouTube Organic Views48%


YouTube organic views

YouTube Paid Views37%


YouTube paid views

Facebook Paid Views12%


Facebook paid views

Facebook Organic & Paid Views3%


Facebook organic & paid views

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