Using the Power of Real-Time “Dashboard” Websites

In Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing by Brad Goodwin

One of the challenges of telling the world about ongoing projects is the fact that, well, the projects are ongoing. You create videos, blogs, graphics and other pieces of content to showcase what you are doing and as soon as you press “Publish” the content could be out of date. We live in a real-time world where content can have a short shelf life.

How can you keep an ongoing story consistently relevant and up-to-date?
This question led the Indianapolis Public Schools Educational Foundation (IPSEF) to Raidious and our development partners at ConnectThink for a solution. IPSEF awards grants to IPS educators so they can get the resources they need into their classrooms to create a better learning environment.

Since 1984, IPSEF has awarded $9,000,000 in grants to improve the quality of IPS classrooms. The grants have benefited everything from literacy projects, visual arts, health and wellness, mathematics, science, college prep and more. That information, as impressive as it may be, only scratches the surface and more importantly, doesn’t make a potential donor or a teacher in need feel a connection.

popupThat’s why we created, a real-time dashboard website showing the living nature of the IPSEF mission.

The page helps donors see exactly how their money is being used to help education in Indianapolis (the dynamic content pulls from IPSEF’s Donor’s Choose database). Additionally, the small staff of the foundation doesn’t have the pressure of updating their website as that now happens automatically (or as we like to say, automagically).

fundedAs this blog is being written, there have been 979 projects funded through IPSEF. In short time, this blog will be out of date, but the will be live and display current information. This blog is in the past; the website is alive!

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