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Our social media command center has a new view! We are excited to share our new Google Maps Interview view of Raidious Control, our home and headquarters. In my last post, I detailed out our team and how we utilize our command center, and now you can see it as it stands today with the embedded view below.

See the inner workings and layout of Raidious here.

While you are perusing our space, see if you can find some of the small things that make Raidious such a great company to work for. I recommend you keep an eye out for the social media video kiosk used at the 2012 Super Bowl village in Indianapolis, the umbrella masquerading as a katana, our office robot, and all of the other small details spread around our home.

If you think this place looks like the kind of facility you’d love to work at, take a look at our careers page and let us know. We are always accepting applications for content producers, social media managers, producers, and new business staff.

You Are Here Photography was kind enough to stop by put together this great tour of our space. If you are interested in getting this put together for your business, we are happy to introduce you Cassandra and her team. Below is a bonus interior view of a foundry in Bremen, Ind., that is awesome!

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  1. Bryan Willmert

    Hello! i wanted to connect with someone from your agency about the technical side of your command center. I am currently putting one together for my agency and i always like to see what others did to spur on my own thoughts. or “borrow” ideas from excellent people! 🙂


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