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Inspiration for a great piece of content can come from anywhere. However, a truly effective piece of content is borne from a content strategy built around your target market and personaes. Everyday events may neatly convey your company’s or brand’s messaging, but without an understanding of who you’re writing for and being an expert on it, your message may get lost in translation.

At Raidious, we draw from many sources for content inspiration, but we write for very specific audiences … and that’s by design.

Step one in our process is defining brand audience — who’s your target market? What voice do they use? What are their interests? Once we’ve defined your audience, we begin identifying topically relevant material for your specific audiences. Content may be in the form of a blog post, a contest, a social media promotion or a rich media unit like an infographic or video. Audience focused content drives engagement, shares, comments, likes and ultimately pushes the brands message further.

Remarkable content can come from anyone in your company, as long as they work within the context of your brand’s vision and goals. A content strategy for a B2B company will be vastly different than one for a B2C company. It’s important to identify the platforms that will be the most valuable for your message and to build a strategy around these areas. Don’t spread yourself too thin, and make sure you’re creating solid content for platforms where your customers and prospects are engaged.

You, your employees and your customers are the best ambassadors your brand has — make sure your company’s voice is understood and your target markets well defined.

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