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In a recent Adweek article, “Web Ad Spending Set to Surge,” Steve McClellan writes about how web based advertising is anticipated to grow by 11% to $65 billion next year, which is 14.6% of all measured media.

GroupM is the company behind the numbers anticipating the large shift taking even more money from the traditional print medias (sorry newspapers) and allocating those dollars into the wonderful world of online. With more and more people worldwide becoming “over-connected” (i.e. web, mobile, iPod Touch, etc.) this shift was imminent and doesn’t appear to be reaching a plateau any time soon.

As the digital world is evolving so is how people use it, which ultimately dictates how marketers will buy it. And unfortunately not all of online advertising is thriving under this current boom, online display ads and sponsorship have actually been on the decline giving way to more sophisticated forms of online advertising: mobile, video and search.

Today, search remains a key driver of digital marketing as advertisers compete to capture a disproportionate share of the intention that search behavior represents…Search marketing is becoming intention marketing and is moving beyond results pages to activating and responding to the social graph.” Rob Norman, CEO of GroupM Interaction

Mobile device marketing is getting more attention from advertisers and for good reason. Based on a comScore study from March 2009, people that access news from their mobile devices has more than doubled, but the big winner is accessing social networks which has quadrupled to 9 million in just one year. I have even heard marketing and product experts pontificate that the mobile device will one day replace computers. Even though I think that is a stretch, the numbers don’t lie and it is blatantly apparent that mobile advertising deserves your attention.

For years there has been a paradigm shift in advertising and there is no telling where the growth will stop. This article serves as a great reminder to marketing and advertising executives everywhere that consumer behavior is changing, some would argue it has changed, and it is time to put your money where your clients are, online.


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